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Oct 10th, 2011
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October 3rd- the press conference.
Now I have talked in front of people before but let me tell you it doesn’t get any easier the second time. Though it helps to know there will be fewer people in the room looking at you and eating every word you say, the same questions still burn up inside you. For example: I am I going to mess up? Is my speech good? Will people listen? Will people care? But those are only just a few questions that I was asking myself that day and there were still more questions I was asking myself and other people after the press conference.
I am not the most confident person with any of the things I do so you can say that I question almost about everything I do. A test for example: did  I get question 1.a. right? Will my teacher be able to read my hand writing? So even though I was asking myself these questions, you might not. It all depends on how confident you are but when you have adults as your judges it is a little intimidating.

Now lets get back to the press conference. I was not only scared, nervous, and questioning myself but also excited. When you get to sit next to an Atlanta Hawks NBA professional basketball player you really are just excited to tell everyone you know, even if they don’t really care. Now don’t get the wrong image I did not ask for an autograph or squeal when he walked through the door. First of all I didn’t even know who he was until the mayor introduced him as “Jamal Crawford”. Okay I still didn’t realize then until somebody said that he was on the Atlanta Hawks team, and it didn’t sink in until the press conference was over and my mom explained that “yes’ he was a NBA basketball player. Ha, who would have guessed that a volunteer for a small organization could shake hands with the mayor or sit next to Jamal Crawford.
In total I’ve only done two speeches and both happened this year. My first speech was about Youth Ambassadors, a small Seattle non-profit organization that works with truant kids. My second, the one I gave at a press conference for the “Be Here, Get There” campaign which was about my personal experiences about being a Youth Ambassador.
When I signed up to become a Youth Ambassador I didn’t realize how much it would help me or others. I’ve started to really understand the importance of going to school and how many people don’t end up graduating. So think again when you see or hear somewhere that need volunteers because you might just end up making a change or meeting some pretty amazing people.

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