Josh Markowitz

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Jan 19th, 2011
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When i heard that the Youth Ambassadors gained the privilege to host Michelle Rhee, my eyes lit up. The amazing stories of her determination and effort in changing public schools was inspiring. When the day of the event finally came I was filled with enthusiasm and a bit nervous as well. Was she going to be another one of those celebrities, worried about their personal appearance and not the issues at stake. When she arrived she was relaxed and look as though she wanted to talk to us. As a Youth Ambassador I was given the opportunity to jump-start the discussion. When I was finished Ms. Rhee thanked me for the introduction and I was thrilled and honored. She truly cares and we all felt heard and supported.

What i liked most about the discussion was the issues at stake. Ms. Rhee never interrupted a student and allowed us to voice our opinions and concerns about the issue. I had thought that the session would have been a question and answer, but it turned out that she just wanted to hear us talk! I was pleasantly surprised by this and solidified my respect for Ms. Rhee.

Ms. Rhee is an amazing human being who cares about you, me and every other student in the country. We should try to support her in any way possible because she wants to help us in any way she can. I’ve been passionate about creating a space for student voices and Ms Rhee understands we need to be part of the solution. She has become a champion for us!

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