Youth Ambassadors experience Olympia

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Feb 21st, 2011
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While in Olympia, Washington with the Youth Ambassadors, we were able to talk with legislators and senates. I had lots of fun being with friends and learning about the bills that my fellow peers wanted to be passed or even just heard about. It’s been fun experiencing what I have been able to. I got to talk with one of Representative Chopp’s assistant and I got to mention the truancy workshops and what we do. Being on this trip is fun and interesting to me because I am really interested into law. So seeing what they’re doing just want to push me to do what I want pursue in life. I thank Lori lots for bringing me cause to experience this is really helpful. It also makes me want to be apart of LYAC because of the decisions they get to make and the opportunities they get to experience.

Taryn ‘Black Power’ Kacey

This experience has been a very good one. I had never thought bout going into politics nor have politics ever really interested me but coming to Olympia with Youth Ambassadors I can actually see myself working for the state. I enjoy going to meetings with the LYAC members to talk to legislatures, Senators, and representatives since I enjoy talking especially talking about improving the lives of people. I met with the lovely Senator Rosemary McAuliffe and I told her about Youth Ambassadors and how we work with truant student at workshops at the Seattle Public School Board. I explained how we have had a good impact on many of the truant students and how youth on youth workshops to help prevent certain issues are very successful because it’s easier to talk to someone who you can relate to or you feel will understand you much more than say someone who has no idea where you are coming from. Senator McAuliffe actually asked me to come and testify for Youth Ambassadors and explain why we should use this as a way to save money but also have a very successful outcome in keeping kids in school.


Whats happening people. Today was a good day this experience was so wonderful.
Its so much information for me to understand but I got most of the details but I have gained so much. Its stressful at times but that’s what the youth ambassadors go through but we always handle it well. During the event we got a special tour around Olympia it was cracking. The coolest thing you could do, I felt like I was touching history I really was I’m not playing some of the marble that’s on the floors and walls that came from France. Now that’s amazing . Now did I ever thought I was going to go to a senators office and ask to support this bill no its so interesting and you never know what questions they are going to ask you.


Today was an experience that not many kids have the opportunity to experience. I met many senators, representatives and legislators. I learned so much about Washington and about its long process. I also learned about how bills have to go through so much to get passed. I was surprised to see that not many of the representatives were stuck up and scary to talk to like I thought they would be, but they weren’t. I also learned about lots of bills that would help kids futures brighter and more successful, like not allowing kids to be prosecuted if there friend is alcohol poisoned and they need to call the ambulance, or letting 14 year olds vote. Overall I had a great time and would look forward to this if we did it again.

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