Americas Promise Alliance Grad Nation Summit in Washington DC, February 2013

D.C. Article:

The First of Many

One blonde, one buff, one Brittany. Three girls set off on a journey February 22, 2013 to the home of the president and the battle ground of our congress; Washington D.C.  We were sent on a mission to bring youth voice to one of the biggest dropout prevention summits in our nation and to have some fun while we were there. For me it was my first time for a lot of things. It was my first time on a plane, my first time going to a place farther than our state borders, and my first time being part of a movement so colossal.

Walking into the summit I didn’t know what to expect nor did I know exactly how big the Grad Nation Summit was going to be. It was Insane! People from every corner of the United States came and met in this one meeting place because they wanted to save our children’s futures and see our graduation rates at 90% by the year 2020. There were speakers like Secretary of Education Arne Dunkin who pressed to keep fighting for education; to not let it slip under bus. Also Andy Goode who spoke about behind every child there is a story and changing that story can lead to a successful life. Conversation about education was constantly flowing and being able to spread the impact of Youth Ambassadors and its importance was a giant opportunity.  We all wanted to get across youth voice is important and without it we cannot achieve student success.

The three of us also didn’t just spend our whole time at the conference. We got to be tourist too! We saw monuments and museums and toured the capital. We shared laughs and took many pictures.  D.C to me felt like a second home and I have hopes to attend the conference again and see this amazing city I grew to love in just 3 days. Our mission was to bring youth voice and its importance to the summit and get people on board with its importance and I believe we can be told Job well done.