Macklemore, Ben Haggerty

Macklemore emerged on the Seattle music scene in 2005 as young musician, fresh out of college, and ready to conquer the world. Armed with what still stands as one of the region’s classic Hip-Hop records, The Language of my World, Macklemore stood with members of a new breed of Seattle artist, alongside peers including the Blue Scholars and Common Market, bringing a level of enthusiasm, passion, energy, and artistry to a scene that welcomed him with open arms. Sharing stages with some of hip-hop’s most respected and revered legends, Macklemore has spent the next several years honing his craft, perfecting his live show, and quietly preparing a storm of beauty to unleash on the world. Teaming up with producer and fellow Seattle-ite Ryan Lewis, the two released an EP titled Vs. in the fall of 2009, using the event as a milestone to begin a creative journey together that has yielded incredible results, and even more incredible promise for growth and development. The EP uses samples from many well known rock songs as a backdrop against which Macklemore weaves tales of addiction, family, history, and love. And he does so beautifully, almost effortlessly. With the sincerity of a person both blessed and afflicted with wisdom beyond his 28 years, he speaks without gimmick, intimidation, or grandstanding and yet, somehow, the listener…listens. Fully, attentively, and without compulsion. Hard at work on a new full-length record, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have chipped off the very surface of there immense promise and gift. See them perform now, buy there records, and know that you’ll be taking part in a movement that will spread around the world.